Welcome to Hackathon Mentors 

We Pair Qualified Mentors with Awesome Hackathons!

Our aim is to create opportunities for former hackers to give back to the hackathon community. Hackathon Mentors facilitates the process of getting qualified mentors to your event. We also enable mentors to use their experience to nourish the hacker community


We are looking for mentors with hackathon experience and the desire to help others realize their full potential in hackathon participation. This includes: helping debug code, ideate project ideas, helping hackers acclimate to the community, and pitching their project. 


Register your hackathon with Hackathon Mentors to instantly gain access to highly qualified and motivated mentors who are determined to give back. We are partnering with events which enable our mentors to make an impact and enjoy a weekend of hacking fun!  

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